Wellness Water

The royal road

Do You Sometimes Have Sensitive Reactions to Swimming Pool Water?

Ospa wellness water is gentle on the eyes and skin thanks to innovative technology, it is also free of annoying swimming pool odours. The unique water treatment from Ospa leads to this.

Highly effective activated carbon and natural table salt are the key to perfect water quality and thus meet the highest demands. The perfectly coordinated technology ensures unmistakable bathing pleasure and consists of and Ospa-BlueClear® disinfection and Ospa-BlueControl®, Ospa-Filter SuperS.


Eyes no longer burn while swimming.

Bei With our treatment you do not expect any skin irritation or red eyes, as with many other swimming pools.

  • Thorough cleaning with activated carbon
  • Disinfection based on common salt
  • No burning eyes
  • Constant and optimal water quality


The water feels great.

Anyone who has ever swam in Ospa water knows the difference very well: you will sorely miss the very special freshness of this water in conventionally treated swimming pools in the future.

  • High-quality oxygen compounds thanks to Ospa-BlueClear®
  • Only active ingredients that are permitted in the Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Natural freshness


It doesn't smell like a swimming pool at all

An unpleasant and well-known experience: water can bite not only your eyes, but also your nose — but that doesn't happen with us!

  • Removal of all odours, colours, and flavours thanks to the activated carbon filter
  • Perfected filtration technology
  • No smell of chlorine
  • Hygienic bathing pleasure