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Ospa sees itself as a system manufacturer and offers a complete range of products for the construction of private pools and public swimming pools - everything from a single source. The large selection of water attractions as well as whirlpools and floating pools complete the "Made in Germany" product range.

Water treatment

Do you sometimes have sensitive reactions to swimming pool water? Ospa feel-good water is gentle on the eyes and skin thanks to innovative technology, it is also free of annoying swimming pool odors.

Thanks to natural table salt and highly effective activated carbon, the unique water treatment process from Ospa creates a water quality in which you really feel good. This perfectly coordinated technology ensures a unique bathing water quality.


An Ospa whirlpool stands for pure relaxation. Forget all stress thanks to the super vortex power of the body-encompassing Ospa vortex and massage system.


A very special ambience is created in your swimming pool with attractions and lighting. Whether for relaxation through targeted massages or for your sporting ambitions. The result is your personal wellness oasis.


Stress, hectic, sensory overload? The new wellness trend is the ideal answer to this: Floating - you let your soul dangle by floating weightlessly in a body-warm brine bath. Pure relaxation.

The treatment of the water and the fully automatic filling and emptying of the floating pool takes place with the special OspaSol system. The brine concentration is monitored fully automatically by the Ospa-BlueControl®.


Immerse yourself in wonderfully colored and imaginative pool water and experience moments of a very special atmosphere while gliding through the feel-good water in your perfect pool. At dusk and in the dark, it's "lights off, spot on".

Swimming Pool Accessories

The right swimming pool accessories are part of the basic pool equipment. Top quality is a must for us. The right inlet and outlet nozzles, wall ducts or surface cleaners? Do you need a test kit for your pool water or a water tank for your brine pool?

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Products and Accessories


ALPHA iQ™ - Powerful Performance and Intelligent Control

Swimming pool and pool vacuum
Fully automatic pool vacuum

Personalized cleaning

Equipped with the "Sensor Nav System™", the ALPHA iQ™ pool cleaner records the pool and adapts its movements and cleaning time to the circumstances. The pressure sensor of the cleaner also enables better running behavior on the walls and optimal cleaning, considering the respective pool depth the waterline.

Efficient suction

Thanks to the patented cyclone technology, the cleaner is powerful and durable. Thanks to the particularly high suction power and the very fine filter used here, the ALPHA iQ™ picks up all types of dirt optimally.

High ease of use

With the patented lift system, the ALPHA iQ™ steers to the desired pool wall, climbs it and ejects the water from the back.

Intuitive controls

Monitor the cleaning progress at any time via the AquaLink™ app's intuitive user interface including automatic updates.

Ideal for:

  • All pool shapes
  • All floors and surfaces
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls, and waterline

4-years guarantee
Various versions are available on request.